Where can I apply?

Directly here under the following link: “Application”


Does tandem offer a permanent workplace?

Yes, we offer every applicant a permanent employment contract. If you would like a fixed-term contract yourself, this is no problem for us.


Who can apply?

Anyone! Since our customers are active in the most different industries, we need constantly and in all ranges reinforcement!

You are (m/f): Unskilled worker, Qualified skilled worker, Commercial employee,…
If you are only looking for part-time jobs, on a 450 € basis or are a student, then you have come to the right place!


If they don’t have work for me, I still get money?

Yes, our employees are hired for at least 35 hours a week and of course they are paid for it.


How long do the missions last?

The duration of the orders is very different and varies according to the order situation.


Are tandem employees insured?

Yes, as we are your employer, you are insured from the first day of your employment.


Is there a trial period?

Yes. this is 6 months.


What work is required?

All employees are assigned according to their qualifications. So it also happens that we use a locksmith as an assistant, for example, you as an employee make your contribution to job security if you are employed in less qualified areas.


How far do tandem employees travel to their workplace?

In most cases our employees are deployed in the vicinity of the branch. However, there are distances of up to 40 km (in exceptional cases even more).


Is there any fare?

Ja, our employees receive a subsidy for the travel costs.


What does tandem pay?

Depending on the qualification and the possible employment, we try to pay our employees a fair hourly wage which is as far as possible higher than the collective bargaining rate. In addition to their fixed hourly wage, we also pay industry surcharges, bonuses and travel allowances if possible.

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Further plus points:

Our employees get to know many jobs, which makes their work very varied.

And: Those who work in the temporary employment sector for a longer period of time will also be interesting for other employers. Beginners have the opportunity to deepen and complete their knowledge. We also give older applicants a chance. Applicants without training are also welcome and can acquire a lot of knowledge. Each of our employees has the chance to be taken over by the company. In 2017, the take-over rate was around 25 percent. No employee is assigned to an unknown job. The dispatchers of the tandem group know every working environment and every supervisor exactly. Each new assignment is discussed with the employee beforehand. Each assignment is accompanied by an assignment instruction and route description.