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In addition to personnel services, the portfolio of the tandem Group also includes real estate investment, the conception of new business models, as well as the establishment, development and consulting of companies and corporate groups.

At a total of 15 locations in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Hesse, companies are currently being operated under foreign brands, with special selection procedures and over 30 years of experience distinguishing us from the majority of the industry.


tandem specialists and assistants are willing to perform, adaptable and have proven their professional qualifications in many different assignments. Long-term employment contracts ensure maximum reliability and also offer you the opportunity to fall back on proven employees if you need them repeatedly.

tandem employees generally have a good knowledge of the German language, which excludes communication problems and misunderstandings.

tandem employees offer very flexible employment possibilities with regard to short-term overtime and change of operating hours, as all our employees are mobile.


Professional education and permanent training of the supervising personnel in the respective company enable a sovereign personnel selection, a fast problem solution and a special degree of customer satisfaction.


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